Saturday, March 13, 2010

Images from EV+A 2010

Open/Invited EV+A 2010: Matters

Curated by Elizabeth Hatz

13th March – 23rd May 2010

Suggestive Biscuits, Sandy Kennedy

Pan-National Flag (detail), Patricia Reed

Christopher Roland Mahon

Untitled Scenes from a Journey, Simon English

Bottles & Fans, Sai Hua Kuan

Communication, Myles Shelly

Untitled, Hans Josephsohn

Grow Finish Unit (near Elkhart, Kansas), John Gerrard

Mass Equals Energy, the Exact Weight of the Artist's Body in Flour, Ben Mullen

Hopeless Land, Liu Wei

Kirsty Kilbane

David Theobald

David Theobald

Every Nothing, Fiona Reilly

The Beauty of Pain, Shin Egashira

John Pickering

Night in the Science Zone, Caoimhe Kilfeather

Eva Hild

Untitled, Jacob Maendel

Tia Schmidt

Interrogation of Limerick Wastelands, Aoife Desmond

All photos courtesy Jim Ricks


  1. the images tagged David Theobald are actually Leo Fitzmaurice's work

  2. This is a correct correction: the work tagged David Theobald is by Leo Fitzmaurice.
    Nice collection though. There were 39 more artists in the show, contact ev+a in Limerick to add them, they are worth it.
    The Curator of ev+a 2010, "Matters"