Saturday, April 23, 2011

Images from 'tête à tête à tête' and more

tête à tête à tête

Simon Bayliss, Emily Kaelin, and Beka Peralta

Burren College of Art MFA Show, Co. Clare

16th April – 1st May, 2010

Installation view

Memorama, Beka Peralta

Un-titled, Beka Peralta

Wanderer, Simon Bayliss

Awakening, Simon Bayliss

Outline, Simon Bayliss

The quiver I felt..., Emily Kaelin

Emily Kaelin


Some other highlights from the first year MFAs, Resident Artists and undergraduates on exhibit throughout the Burren College of Art campus.

Censored, Angelalynn Dunlop, MFA1

that place... you know... that place, Maurice Reidy, MFA1

Happy-Face Spider, Andrew Nielson, Post-Bac

A Landscape of Presentation, Eileen Hutton, PhD

Una Dia en Jaurez (A Day in Juarez), Arianna Garcia-Fialdini, MFA1

Landscape Simulation: Little House on the Prarie/Good Time (Cabrini Green), Pamela Valfer, Resident Artist

Drawing of Lanscape (Boireann) series, Cameron Browne, Undergrad

I would Die 4 U: Wrongfully Beheaded, Sarah Mohrman, Undergrad

Insertion into the Landscape series, Liz Cunningham, Undergrad

Detail of Family Tree, Liz Cunningham, Undergrad

With Chips, I Mean Fries, I Mean Chips, Ellen Goggins, Undergrad

Untitled series of eight, Amanda Murphy, Undergrad

Hunter I, Ashley Bravin, Undergrad

All photos courtesy Jim Ricks

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  1. Really great work this year. Loads of promising artists coming through the MFA and undergrad programmes. WOW!