Friday, April 25, 2014

Images from 'Fuckier, Shittier, Pissier'

Fuckier, Shittier, Pissier (Stick up Fir-tree, Irishise) 
Simon Cummins, Lee Welch, Paul Hallahan,Teresa Gillespie, Stéphane Hanly, Aoife Mullan, Oisin O’Brien, Maya Deren, Mike Fitzgerald 
Broadstone Studios, 22 Harcourt Terrace 
31 January 31 — 22 February, 2014 

Lord God, how immaculate (2014) - Simon Cummins

Lapiss Lazuli (2014) - Aoife Mullan

Whats his name (2013) - Stéphane Hanley

Q Lauzarus Rising (2014) - Mike Fitzgerald 

R to L: Things don't happen they're implied (2013), For a long time, I went to bed early (2014), Either it's raining, or I'm dreaming. Maybe it's both (2014), A 'resistance of yes', of sorts (2014) - Lee Welch,  and Whats his name (2013) - Stéphane Hanly

At the horizon we won’t need eyes to see (2014) - Teresa Gillespie

All images courtesy of Paul Hallahan

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