Sunday, July 12, 2015

Luke Byrne selected for 2015 Shower of Kunst Undergrad Spotlight Award

NCAD Graduate Luke Byrne selected for the 2015 Shower of Kunst Undergrad Spotlight Award 

Congratulations to Luke Byrne for his multimedia installation, Tony Ferrari : Superbowl Sunday, at the NCAD Degree Show this year. Self described as: “Guns, explosions, denim, war, shockingly lifelike prosthetics, cocktails, palm trees, special effects, Hollywood, other guys, milk, meat, dads, cool right? I know.” Byrne and his work, which deals with masculinity in a self aware, insightful, and absurd manner, will be spotlit at in the coming weeks.

In previous years we have covered various Irish Degree Shows with extensive images of numerous artists from different schools. This year we are taking a different approach. Instead, we will be offering the 2015 Shower of Kunst Undergrad Spotlight Award, a single award to an artist that created a body of work that was challenging, outstanding, and new. The award will highlight the artist and their work in detail, provide background and an interview, to be featured on our site.

Artist's Statement

“My work initially started off exploring themes of masculinity. Both my personal relationship with the subject and the notions of masculinity perpetuated through film and the media. I wanted to burlesque these ideas and take a tongue-in-cheek, almost juvenile, scope at the subject matter. Gradually, my work came to incorporate the process of creating the art itself. It’s rough and ready preparation and the off the cuff execution became a significant part of it. Looking at the ideas of hyperrealism and the destruction of narrative, my work began to become more about the space and time of process, and Hawaiian shirts and mustaches.”