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Shower of Kunst always welcomes submissions.

Shower of Kunst seeks to support artists and writers in developing new discourses around visual art in Ireland. Those which find some shared ground or agreement with our ethos are particularly encouraged.


Shower of Kunst is a critical online journal founded in 2009. We believe in developing a strong and healthy discourse and community in the Visual Arts. 

Recognising the vacuum that exists in Irish visual arts writing, our goal is to challenge the prevalent mode of art criticism. We place a strong emphasis on the political and embrace an approach to reviewing that is more akin to the academic critique. We are not interested in the default position of arts writing as essentially advertising copy for the artist and gallery, i.e. the conventional positive read of the artists intentions dressed loosely in philosophy. But instead offer a candid gaze that asks questions and makes suggestions.

What we publish:

Primarily reviews of art exhibitions in Ireland, but also international ones. We are open to opinion pieces, rebuttals to other writing, and responses to events that affect artists or our community. In fact we'd like to encourage it. We are looking for new content, so usually don't publish pieces that are already published, or are about to be. Look over the variety of previous articles on this site,

House style:

We appreciate an honest opinion. We think your insight and candor is going to be more important to the development of Irish Visual Art than just another well written piece. Of course getting both right is best.

We prefer pieces around 1500 words, although understand that this can vary in either direction if appropriate. Concision is hugely appreciated, so please try to be straight forward and to the point. Walk us through the show; assume we know nothing and literally re-view the exhibition. Feel free to make comparisons to other disciplines outside of art (movies, architecture, music, books, blogs, etc.).

We are open to new approaches, styles, and formats, especially those which utilise online tools, technologies, and potentials.

Technical guidelines:

• Use .doc or .odt format.

• Spellcheck before sending us anything.

• Italicise all titles of works.

• Use a serifed font like Times New Roman.

• Begin your article using the following template:

Show Title: subtitle

Artist, or Artists Names. Curated by a Curator

Venue or Location, City

1 – 15 Month 2016

Review by [Your Name]

Start of your article....

• If suitable, we will send you an edited version with a new file name (e.g. yourfile-edit1.doc). The feedback on your piece will be in comment form ( Corrections will be made to the text as needed for clarity. Please respond to the comments within the document and make changes directly to the text, before returning it back to us. Again with a correspondingly updated file name (e.g. yourfile-edit2.doc).

Application process:

Email your article or review to and we'll get back to you.

Unfortunately, at present we cannot pay writers. Shower of Kunst has been a non-funded and voluntary organisation since its founding 5 years ago.

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